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For many of us, Superannuation is something we tend not to think about. However, we need to be thinking about and planning it now, rather than just before we retire. Blue Circle will sift through all of the various super models and find the best options to suit your situation, with consideration of your retirement.


Take control of your own super investments. A self-managed super fund is for those who want to drive their super and are ready to take control of their super investment strategy.

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My Super

Sometimes referred to as smart super but this is your standard 9.5%. Super with super smart investments, put your money into a super fund with savvy investment options, not high administration fees.

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Financial Planning

Taking the time to map out your finances is often the last thing on your to-do list. Whether you dream of travelling or buying a new home, having a personal financial adviser can get you on track to a secure financial future. Our financial planners help you map out your goals and find ways to achieve them.

Talk to one of our planners and start planning the future you choose.

It’s never too early to start – or too late.

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Self-managed Account

Self-managed Super gives you control over where your super dollars are invested.

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